Monday, March 15, 2010

What I like best about Vacations.....

I love being home.... but, it is a race between getting a long list of tasks completed or feeling like you are forever behind. I start the list on Monday.... add to it all week and hopefully, complete 80% by the weekend (which I try to take off and spend with Sweet Hubby). I am never really caught up. The best part of vacation... is NO Lists! Only decisions about what to eat (all the goodies I can not have at home), what to do (easy.... a lounge chair, at the beach, by the pool...).

We rarely hop in the car and go anywhere... (unless there is a Tsunami... or something rather special to do). Mostly, I just love.......

To hang out with my best friend
and check out the cove (that's us...above)

Sit with a glass of wine, and watch the sun set.

....Catch a rainbow after a rainstorm...

Check out another sunset....
(I seem to take a lot of these photos)

Maybe, catch a Ship heading out of Lahaina
full of lights and sparkle

I think that it is possible to vacation at home.... First, you have to put away the lists.....Then, go to a lake and watch the sunset...or take a walk after work.....or turn off the computer, and the telephone... and any other technical product: finding a cozy chair to read a book... or Make yourself a Banana Split... or a Hot fudge sundae?

How can you give yourself a mini-Vacation? If you can get away....Just do it, and if not, do all of the above at home. I will share any new ideas that you might have.... so let me know what you love most about vacations.

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