Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An study of orange, green & white

Well, here it is... finally... it's close to being finished. A colored pencil version of my lovely Turks Turban. I did have to finally throw it out.... getting a bit mushy... but I think that I got enough information so that I can finish this without the Curcubita sitting there. It's taken forever.... as colored pencil is likely to do, but as always, I learn so much.

Turks Turban... in colored pencil

I have really been 'under the weather' the last few days. I lost my voice (speaking, that is) yesterday... and could give out nary a croak. It certainly made "Sweet Hubby" listen more carefully, as I mimed my way through the day. Only slightly better today... but laying in the sun and watching the surfers master the waves, is a nice way to deal with a cold.

I hope that all of you are feeling on top of the weather... i.e. healthy and happy today.

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