Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A rare find

I will preface this article by saying that these are NOT my photos... but those of a friend of a friend, who has generously lent them to us so that I can do a painting of this rare Rocky Mountain orchid. It has several common names, and we are still in the research stage, so just suffice it to say, that it has captured the heart of my friend, and she would like a painting of it, to remember her hikes up into remote areas where these can be found. I won't share 'where', because there are folks out there who actually go into our National Parks and steal these rare beauties. I can only ask 'why'... because by taking flowers out of the parks, we steal them from thousands of hikers who appreciate their beauty and soon they become endangered or disappear.

I am thrilled to have these few photos... and it will be a challenge, for sure, to paint what I have never seen.
Often called "Brownie Orchid"
or "Purple Lady's Slipper"

Latin name... as close as we can figure
"Cypripedium fasciculatum"

What ever it's called, it's a beauty!

The rest of my week will be spent on my health.... having some tests done (quite routine, but not at all fun), so I will be back in a week or so. Next week, I will be at the Denver Botanic Gardens; taking a work shop under the tutelage of "Ann Swan" from the UK. Please look her up...her colored pencil work is amazing. I am so excited... and I will have lots to share by the end of the week. See you soon.

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