Sunday, March 14, 2010

A gift from a friend

Before I even arrived home, this e-mail was sent to me by my friend, LL. She went over to my abode and took these photos of my crocus (notice the broken down pot, which did not survive this winter... and has since been removed). What a thrill, to know that something was growing in my garden. I took some more shots when I got home, but have not downloaded them yet.

We arrived home to sunshine and warmth. We enjoyed two whole days of it... and today it is cold and rainy. 'Tis Spring in Colorado...

Thank You, L.L. for the wonderful photos

Happy, Happy Crocus, all over the garden

So, I hope that if you have a garden, there is a surprise waiting for you...or a small bud just waiting to pop up and bring you some joy. Our first flowers are a little late this year... due to the cold, but there seem to be more of them, due to the Winter moisture. I am thrilled.

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