Monday, February 8, 2010

Well, so much for the crocus!

Our sunshine has disappeared again... back to the gray and dreary weather. We have had snow for several days, and now the crocus are covered up and have disappeared under a blanket of white. I am glad for the snow. We might as well get a bunch of moisture along with the gray. Also, we are not under 3 feet of snow..... just about 3 inches... which is okay with us. I am convinced that Spring will come, because I have the proof from Friday's photos. Really, the flowers are hiding down under the surface, somewhere.... waiting to come out when it finally warms up.

This photo was taken at 2 o'clock - so dark and dreary outside today.

My mind is wandering ..... thinking of warm places to go. I am dreaming of beaches, sand and a good book. I will check back with you tomorrow. Maybe, I will heat up the studio and brave the cold temperatures.... to draw and paint. Today, I plan to stay warm and get caught up from a hectic weekend.

Hey, How about those Saints!! Way to go!! I am not a huge football fan, but honestly, I loved that game and I am thrilled for all of the people of New Orleans. To see so many people, dancing on Bourbon Street, celebrating a victory. Well, that did my heart good.

I am sad for the Colts... but they are such a great team.... they will be back. This year, it was just time for New Orleans to shine!
Hope you are a bit warmer than us today !!

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