Thursday, February 18, 2010

A touch of turquoise

Having tried this medium for the first time in a very long time, everything I did was an experiment. It's always good for me to throw it up on the screen and take a peek, as well. I always find things that I can change.

Yesterday, I played with some light washes of color in the back ground. I feel like it's floating in air.... don't want to stabilize it with a branch either... I like it floating. Most of my pieces are small.... more like 8 x 10 .....maybe, a bit bigger, but this one is on a huge canvas....stretching the size of this nest. I must admit to having fun with this.

The big Kahuna Nest

Since I won't have time to do a blog tomorrow, I will show you what else I have been working on this week, in a second blog this afternoon. I took an old pencil drawing and I have been adding touches... shaping it, adding graphite, etc. It is very close work (opposite of above) and as a result, I have been struggling with headaches all week. My eyes are out of focus after hyper-focusing for days. Time for a break!! But...I'll be back.

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