Monday, February 22, 2010

Snowing since Thursday......

Good Morning! The sun is out after several days of gray and snow.... and more snow. It started on Thursday evening... and on and on it came, until last night. Still, we only have about three or four inches...but it's fresh and clean and crispy cold out. This serious 'brr' is getting to every one...Some seriously cranky Coloradans around. We are just spoiled and love the sun so much and that Colorado Blue Sky...nothing like it!

Back yard snow and blue sky!

I have gotten some great e-mails and a fine comment, which encourages me to keep 'em coming (as in blog entries). Thanks to all of you who let me know that you are enjoying the blog. I get e-mails and comments, but both are so very appreciated. It just makes my day.

I actually managed to finish some work last week. Now, I will clarify that... finish for now....some work. You know, if you have been reading this blog for a while, that I go back so many times and add a touch... or a glaze...or just a few adjustments. It always takes awhile for me to actually be done..... and ready for the framer.

Rose Hip and Rose hips... playing with the computer!

On Friday, I started playing with the computer. I took a piece of Vellum and copied a colored penciled "rose hip" on it. It really absorbed the color. Then, I found my graphite drawing (shown in the last blog) and popped it underneath the vellum. Voila!! The results are posted above. It is just taped in place and probably won't be framed this way... but it sure adds a bit of color to the piece. I found that by placing the vellum over the graphite, I lose all of the details.... so not sure what I will end up with. However, it was delightfully fun to play.

I hope the sun is shining on you today.... it just makes such a difference...regardless of the temperature.

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