Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hanging another show

Yesterday, My art group spent the better part of the afternoon, hanging a show at a local cafe.
It's usually a bit tricky to fit all of our pieces into a space. One of our painters is not a botanical artist, but her work blends with the rest of the botanicals and gives us a bit of a pop. Her pieces are large, so with one wall to work on, we had to scramble to make every one's work fit into the space. I opted to only put in three works, as we ran out of space (i.e. it was starting to look a bit tacky with forcing paintings onto the wall). I must say, that I have only hung one other show, and with five of us trying to 'direct', it does manage to get comical at times. However, it's up and it will be for two months, instead of one..... and I do hope something sells for each of us.

Mine are over in the left hand corner...just three this time.

Tomorrow, I am meeting one of the other artists to create some more cards. Seems I have sold most of my stock, so it's time to replenish. Then, I plan to start framing again. After that, it's back to work on about five pieces that are in the last stages of completion (you know... the nudging, fudging...fussing process of looking and seeing those last finishing touches).

Well, I am off to check out the frames available, locally.... Wish me luck!!

Oh, and HAPPY GROUND HOG DAY!! I do hope that we have had a long enough winter for everyone... and that we are in for sunshine and good weather from now on. How about your area?? Six more weeks?? (I am looking for my crocus....not yet!!)

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