Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Framing today...

I spent the morning making the rounds of the Printer.... and the Framer. First, I stopped by the Printers, and had my work scanned.... and put on a CD. Then I had some more cards made, as I am almost out of them. Another artist from my art group came and we helped each other with the sizing and spacing. It makes such a difference to have two of us there to help each other out. Then, she scooted off to her real job (yes, the one that actually brings in money..kind of job).

After my printing project, I hopped in the car, and went to the Framers..... and had found just the right frame and mat for the "pine cone' (colored pencil). Unfortunately, I couldn't find just the right thing for some other stuff, so I will have to go back with 'sweet hubby', who is an immense help with this business. I am hopeless and helpless when it comes to the framing part.

Tomorrow, the start of several birthday celebrations. My Dad officially turns 95 on Friday, as does 'sweet hubby' and x sister- in -law. I have one friend's birthday on Saturday... another a week later, when we celebrate my son and my daughter-in-law's birthday (both on the same day).
We also have several (3, to be exact) who are celebrating birthdays this weekend...and my niece turns 40 (oh, that can't be true)...later this month. Our family seems to favor the Winter months for birthdays...and we are all packed in between November and February..... EXCEPT for me! See, I knew there was something different about me!

A COLLECTIVE 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' TO ALL OF YOU!!! And the rest of us can celebrate Valentine's Day... if we need an excuse!!!

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