Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First attempt with Acrylic.....

I have been working in the studio the last few days, trying to stretch, using a new medium. It's odd, because in some ways, it's opaque, but also a bit transparent, if I add some water. I have been painting on canvas board, which I prepped with gesso.

Honestly.... I would almost like to try the acrylic on watercolor paper.... I think I could work the medium a bit better. But, that is the point.... to try something new.

Bird's nest in acrylic

Okay, so I am working out of my 'comfort zone' which is good. I have no idea what direction This painting will take me, but I am learning, and stretching, and growing with this new medium.

I am also working with a different nest... one that was given to me by a friend, several years ago. I have wanted to work with it, but was burned out from the past experiences with watercolor and colored pencil and another nest.

The great thing about acrylic paints, is that this has only taken a few afternoons.... which I like. It's got a long way to go, but it's definitely moving more quickly. So, I will let you know what happens with this one. I plan to keep working on it this week
Hope you enjoy, yet another nest.

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