Monday, January 4, 2010

What I did over the Holidays.....

What a blur..... Well, certainly there is a certain sense of rush during the holiday season, but this year, I felt it more than usual. I have a few highlights which I will share today.

The cold and snow were ever present this holiday....not too much snow....or too cold.... but just a consistent cover of white, that never warmed enough to melt. If you know Colorado, that can be unusual....since our glorious sunshine can melt our snow in a day and we are a bit spoiled that way. However, the snow created a beautiful back drop for the holiday season.

The lights on our bushes
sparkled through the snow
at night

We waited for our son & fiance's flight to arrive.
The airport was festive and buzzing with anticipation,
whether coming or going

We had a wonderful visit with our son and his S.O. (significant other....fiance....adorable, sweet and dear 'daughter' to me). Of course, it's always too short (that is only my opinion...but others did voice it as well :) but we packed a lot of fun in a short amount of time and the weather cooperated, while they were here. That is always a relief.

Another plug for "Leanin Tree Art & Sculpture Museum".
A highlight and local gem
"Go Buffs"

We made it to two basketball games at the University of Colorado, and shopped the sales with the kids. We headed to Denver, to the Tattered Cover and Wax Trax, as well as 'Twist & Shout" (local indie book store and record shops). But did I work in the (freezing) studio???....well, that would be a "NO". On a good note, my "Thank You's" are almost done!!

Today, I am cleaning up, picking up, putting away and organizing my studio (well, the entire house needs a bit of a clean), and tomorrow, I will finish up on some unfinished artwork, which I will share with you.

Welcome January!!

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