Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unfinished art work from the Fall

Well, I wasn't kidding when I said that I haven't worked in quite awhile. I was looking through my piles yesterday and found both drawings (colored pencil work) left uncompleted. The scary part of the whole thing, is that the Turks Turban is still sitting in the studio....waiting to be drawn and then thrown away. I still have some gourds out there too..... I will try to complete this and then compost that poor T.T..

very unfinished Turks Turban....

The pine cone, which I found early in October has dried out and shriveled in the dry (but cold) studio. Of course, this can still be used to complete the drawing, but the original plant sure doesn't look like the drawing. However, I will complete this as well...think it might make a nice Christmas card next year. What do you think?

Pine cone.....awaiting completion.

I must admit that I have entered the world of Facebook this Fall.... and found that I was spending too much time on it. There is a game (Farmville, I believe it's called) that absorbed me daily. What I realized is that I was 'checking out' ......wasting time, playing this game, when I could be drawing.....seeing friends, calling friends, taking a walk..... all things that are more meaningful than wasted time 'playing on the farm'. So, one of my New Years resolutions is to leave the Farm behind..... and check back into life (yeah, as soon as I get off my blog, right??).

I love this blog too much to leave it behind and it is truly a motivation to work and share, so hopefully, I am connecting on a higher level with this, rather than playing 'farm'.

"Check in" with someone today..... call them; take a walk with them; go out to lunch; do anything that takes you away from the t.v. or computer. New Year..... Fresh start!

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