Sunday, January 31, 2010

Plum Tuckered....

This week got away from me. I planned to write on my blog every day.... but the Winter blues struck hard, and I was down for the count. Whenever that happens, and it does happen..... I get to work.

As you can see below, my plants are plum tuckered out..... but they have given their best, so I could continue to draw them. As you know, I did a pencil sketch of the Paperwhites and moved on to colored pencil on top of the graphite. It created a rather unique sketch for me to use when I proceeded with my watercolor. Of course, the Paperwhite needed to hang on (next to the Turks Turban, which quite frankly is just 'done'!)

plum tuckered plants gave their all for my work this fall and winter.

So, I did get to work...put that heater on full blast and worked on my watercolor 'til my feet got too cold. The watercolor is now in the 'resting stage'... which might last a week or two. I plan to go back and readjust some stuff, but I managed to get the basics done.

"Paperwhite" in watercolor

On Monday, I hang another show with my "Friday Art Group", at a local Cafe. It will be up for a month, which is nice....just the right amount of time. I need to start framing more stuff, but I am not thrilled about having so many paintings sitting around....and then framing more. I will be patient with the process.

I hope that your week is a good one. Hope to get back to you on a more frequent basis.

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