Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paperwhite pencil scratchings....

I worked on a pencil sketch of the paper whites this week. After my sketching on Friday, I decided to lay over the sketching with my new colored pencils. I am hooked on my prismacolors, but I am taking a class in March that requires me to use Faber Castell, Polychromos. They seem to be a much harder pencil, but I like the colors a lot. I have decided that using them in a combination with each other might be the best answer to color.

Faber-Castell Polychromos
my new toys!

laying in color over a full graphite sketch
It is a different way of approaching a piece
but I like the texture it creates.

Of course, I will use this as a sketch, and eventually work off of photos and this sketch, for a completed work. I learned a lot about paper whites from this exercise.

Paper white sketch

Again, it is not complete, but it will hopefully, give me enough information, to complete a painting.

I am going to be away from the computer for a bit... other work to do. I hope to pop in from time to time, but that may not be possible.

Today was such a lovely day, that I needed to get out and spend some time in the fresh air. I opened up the windows of the house, and let it breathe in some fresh air. I think it is good to let the outside in, during these tough winter months. I hope your day is a good one. Breathe deeply!

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