Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little bit of Progress

Yesterday, I worked in the studio most of the day..... gosh, I worked on this Turks Turban for hours.... but it doesn't seem as though I accomplished much, does it?? Well, slowly but surely, I will plug away at this 'elephant sandwich' (ode to Greg), and it will get done. It felt wonderful to get back to work. My hands were cramped by the end of the day, and my neck was a wreck, but that is definitely part of the job (well.........and aging a bit).

Onward and forward with Mr. Turk

Today, I could not go into the studio. Yesterday, I wore my Ugg boots, my down vest, and I had the space heater going.....and it was a lot warmer than today (so far we are at 13 degrees), and with all the windows and my small electric heater, it just stays too cold for me to work effectively out there on this kind of day. Tomorrow: Art group - we will sit in the sunny dining room and work for a few hours.

P.S I received a note yesterday from a 'follower' that let me know who wrote the "45 Lessons of Life", which I shared with you before the New Year. They were written by Regina Brett. I love the list and plan to read and re-read it through out the year. This person did ask if anyone out there in blog land might know who did the photography on the original U-tube Power Point presentation. I will let you know that they were incredible scenes of Winter. So if you might know ....let me know.... and I will share. Thanks.

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