Sunday, January 31, 2010

Plum Tuckered....

This week got away from me. I planned to write on my blog every day.... but the Winter blues struck hard, and I was down for the count. Whenever that happens, and it does happen..... I get to work.

As you can see below, my plants are plum tuckered out..... but they have given their best, so I could continue to draw them. As you know, I did a pencil sketch of the Paperwhites and moved on to colored pencil on top of the graphite. It created a rather unique sketch for me to use when I proceeded with my watercolor. Of course, the Paperwhite needed to hang on (next to the Turks Turban, which quite frankly is just 'done'!)

plum tuckered plants gave their all for my work this fall and winter.

So, I did get to work...put that heater on full blast and worked on my watercolor 'til my feet got too cold. The watercolor is now in the 'resting stage'... which might last a week or two. I plan to go back and readjust some stuff, but I managed to get the basics done.

"Paperwhite" in watercolor

On Monday, I hang another show with my "Friday Art Group", at a local Cafe. It will be up for a month, which is nice....just the right amount of time. I need to start framing more stuff, but I am not thrilled about having so many paintings sitting around....and then framing more. I will be patient with the process.

I hope that your week is a good one. Hope to get back to you on a more frequent basis.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A visit to the Land of Grapefruit!

I bet you thought I fell off the turnip truck. Well, no.... but I was in the land of grapefruit. One of the things that I have been working on for the last two months is a scrapbook for my Father's 95th birthday!! Yes....he will be 95 in February... and I had the opportunity to head to his state for a week and then visit to bring him the book. It ended up being 75 pages in length.

When you live that long, you have lots of people around you that want to share photos and words of love. As one of my siblings said...."Why not hear it before you go.." I have spent the last few months collecting photos of family and letters from children & grandchildren. His sister, who is 97...joined in the fun by sending him a complete updated genealogy of the family.
Amazing, for sure..... and delightfully received by Dad.

I bet you are wondering why I have a photo of the grapefruit.... Well, twenty years ago, Dad planted this little grapefruit tree outside his condo. Now, it is a mature tree, bursting with fruit. My son, who came along with me on the visit, went home with a bag bursting with grapefruit. Every morning, Dad enjoys these tasty treats. How cool is that??

So, an early "Happy Birthday" to You, Dad. By the looks of it, there will be many more (he has two siblings, both hearty souls, who are older and younger, but still kicking up their heels, on a daily basis!) Talk about celebrating life!

Keep smiling and today.... Celebrate today!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paperwhite pencil scratchings....

I worked on a pencil sketch of the paper whites this week. After my sketching on Friday, I decided to lay over the sketching with my new colored pencils. I am hooked on my prismacolors, but I am taking a class in March that requires me to use Faber Castell, Polychromos. They seem to be a much harder pencil, but I like the colors a lot. I have decided that using them in a combination with each other might be the best answer to color.

Faber-Castell Polychromos
my new toys!

laying in color over a full graphite sketch
It is a different way of approaching a piece
but I like the texture it creates.

Of course, I will use this as a sketch, and eventually work off of photos and this sketch, for a completed work. I learned a lot about paper whites from this exercise.

Paper white sketch

Again, it is not complete, but it will hopefully, give me enough information, to complete a painting.

I am going to be away from the computer for a bit... other work to do. I hope to pop in from time to time, but that may not be possible.

Today was such a lovely day, that I needed to get out and spend some time in the fresh air. I opened up the windows of the house, and let it breathe in some fresh air. I think it is good to let the outside in, during these tough winter months. I hope your day is a good one. Breathe deeply!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Drawing this morning....

My art group met this morning and this Narcissus was just waiting to be drawn. There were two of us working on this we took some photos for good measure. It has such a delicate flower, and I happen to be one of those that loves the scent.

So here is the sketch..... a good start, but of course, much is missing.... hope to find time this weekend to work on it.

sketch of Narcissus

Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little bit of Progress

Yesterday, I worked in the studio most of the day..... gosh, I worked on this Turks Turban for hours.... but it doesn't seem as though I accomplished much, does it?? Well, slowly but surely, I will plug away at this 'elephant sandwich' (ode to Greg), and it will get done. It felt wonderful to get back to work. My hands were cramped by the end of the day, and my neck was a wreck, but that is definitely part of the job (well.........and aging a bit).

Onward and forward with Mr. Turk

Today, I could not go into the studio. Yesterday, I wore my Ugg boots, my down vest, and I had the space heater going.....and it was a lot warmer than today (so far we are at 13 degrees), and with all the windows and my small electric heater, it just stays too cold for me to work effectively out there on this kind of day. Tomorrow: Art group - we will sit in the sunny dining room and work for a few hours.

P.S I received a note yesterday from a 'follower' that let me know who wrote the "45 Lessons of Life", which I shared with you before the New Year. They were written by Regina Brett. I love the list and plan to read and re-read it through out the year. This person did ask if anyone out there in blog land might know who did the photography on the original U-tube Power Point presentation. I will let you know that they were incredible scenes of Winter. So if you might know ....let me know.... and I will share. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unfinished art work from the Fall

Well, I wasn't kidding when I said that I haven't worked in quite awhile. I was looking through my piles yesterday and found both drawings (colored pencil work) left uncompleted. The scary part of the whole thing, is that the Turks Turban is still sitting in the studio....waiting to be drawn and then thrown away. I still have some gourds out there too..... I will try to complete this and then compost that poor T.T..

very unfinished Turks Turban....

The pine cone, which I found early in October has dried out and shriveled in the dry (but cold) studio. Of course, this can still be used to complete the drawing, but the original plant sure doesn't look like the drawing. However, I will complete this as well...think it might make a nice Christmas card next year. What do you think?

Pine cone.....awaiting completion.

I must admit that I have entered the world of Facebook this Fall.... and found that I was spending too much time on it. There is a game (Farmville, I believe it's called) that absorbed me daily. What I realized is that I was 'checking out' ......wasting time, playing this game, when I could be drawing.....seeing friends, calling friends, taking a walk..... all things that are more meaningful than wasted time 'playing on the farm'. So, one of my New Years resolutions is to leave the Farm behind..... and check back into life (yeah, as soon as I get off my blog, right??).

I love this blog too much to leave it behind and it is truly a motivation to work and share, so hopefully, I am connecting on a higher level with this, rather than playing 'farm'.

"Check in" with someone today..... call them; take a walk with them; go out to lunch; do anything that takes you away from the t.v. or computer. New Year..... Fresh start!

Monday, January 4, 2010

What I did over the Holidays.....

What a blur..... Well, certainly there is a certain sense of rush during the holiday season, but this year, I felt it more than usual. I have a few highlights which I will share today.

The cold and snow were ever present this holiday....not too much snow....or too cold.... but just a consistent cover of white, that never warmed enough to melt. If you know Colorado, that can be unusual....since our glorious sunshine can melt our snow in a day and we are a bit spoiled that way. However, the snow created a beautiful back drop for the holiday season.

The lights on our bushes
sparkled through the snow
at night

We waited for our son & fiance's flight to arrive.
The airport was festive and buzzing with anticipation,
whether coming or going

We had a wonderful visit with our son and his S.O. (significant other....fiance....adorable, sweet and dear 'daughter' to me). Of course, it's always too short (that is only my opinion...but others did voice it as well :) but we packed a lot of fun in a short amount of time and the weather cooperated, while they were here. That is always a relief.

Another plug for "Leanin Tree Art & Sculpture Museum".
A highlight and local gem
"Go Buffs"

We made it to two basketball games at the University of Colorado, and shopped the sales with the kids. We headed to Denver, to the Tattered Cover and Wax Trax, as well as 'Twist & Shout" (local indie book store and record shops). But did I work in the (freezing) studio???....well, that would be a "NO". On a good note, my "Thank You's" are almost done!!

Today, I am cleaning up, picking up, putting away and organizing my studio (well, the entire house needs a bit of a clean), and tomorrow, I will finish up on some unfinished artwork, which I will share with you.

Welcome January!!