Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A visit to the Botanical Gardens in Sarasota

We spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota. They have the most amazing selection of Bromeliads and over 6,000 orchids. We took a mini-tour and then wandered about on our own, I know that this is a place that I want to come back to when ever I am in the area. It is a rare jewel donated to the City of Sarasota, by a unique individual, Marie Selby, who was quite the gardener of her day.

I just enjoy the plants that are not available in our climate or at our altitude, along the front range of Colorado. I, especially, love the air plants that were prevalent within the gardens. Lastly, the beautiful Banyan trees in the center of the garden (see which animal you think they look like) were a special centerpiece of the stroll.

I plan to put a link on the side, so that you can read more about Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, or maybe, even plan a trip!

This was actually found on a walk in Lakeland,
but I fell in love with it. Not sure, but it looks a lot like a Clematis

Talk about unusual..... these were in the greenhouse.

Can you guess what they look like?

Just love the 'giraffe' effect!

Ah, the serenity of these gardens
right in the center of a bustling city.

December 1st..... did you say "Rabbits" today before you said anything to anybody? It is thought to bring you good luck and good fortune...... so said my first Boss, a Canadian, when I was first married and living in Chicago. Who knows.... I still say it every month ( that I remember) and it has become a habit and a good memory of a wonderful man.


MHjK said...

Cynthia, Your red flowered plant is a Hibiscus -

MHjK said...

Your red beautiful flower is a passionflower...