Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let the Celebrations begin.....

If you look closely, these berries are from Florida.... but I loved the shade of red, so chose them to share my thoughts today. Tonight, we head out to the office tree trimming party.... the first celebration of the season. The celebrating will continue, with house tours, gatherings of friend both small and large, lunches with 'buddies', and connecting with family. It's all part of the season. I love the little things most.

Today I celebrated by baking my favorite Carmelita recipe (which has so many calories, you could run across the U.S.A. and never burn them up) and some other goodies. It's something that I do not do very often, especially since the kids aren't here to eat them. But, it's fun to stop working at the usual stuff and create something different.

I hope that your celebrations of this season are fun and fulfilling. Do something that you wouldn't ordinarily do. Find your own special way of creating a celebration of life. I wouldn't mind hearing what you are doing to celebrate this season. Send me a comment.

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