Monday, December 21, 2009

From our house to yours.....

Spreading the light
Sharing the Miracle

The Message behind the holiday season is what I try to focus on each year.... and through out the year. For me, Hanukkah is a celebration of a miracle; of hope against the odds; and caring about something higher than oneself. Christmas is a miracle too.... filled with love and hope and something much bigger than oneself. Regardless of the differences in faiths, there are always commonalities that we share.... and the ultimate goal is a hopeful soul, a kind and loving spirit and peace among men. Sounds so easy, but at the true source of these holidays is the message..... not the toys, and the gadgets, and the parties... but the message.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me.... and I hope that what ever your spiritual beliefs, you find hope, love, joy, and care for one another in the coming year. It's not up to you to do it all, but just as much as you can to promote good will in the world. When you do your best... and then we all do our best.... life will be good.

And to all of those 'stinkers' out there.... the crabby, grumpy, mean spirited, hateful people, who take from others and give nothing back.... Well, I hope you change your ways and find some hope and joy in the world. It's there.... under all of your layers.... so dig deep and start spreading some good.

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