Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blank....totally blank....

My mind is totally blank.... I am working on nothing right now. I had planned to do some photography this week.... or draw.... or even sketch.... but happening.

So, bear with me.... 'tis the Holiday season, and there are lists all about. I am checking them twice... and I know everyone has been nice..... so I am slowly getting the list checked off.

I am working on a secret project... and I can't spill the beans for a while. And there are other projects in the wings (or on the wings...hmmmm) which will be done in the next month and then in a few more months, and then down the road a piece. Do you have periods in your life like this?

I want to be creative, but it's not coming out on the drawing board... it's tucked away (far away) in my brain... but my thinker is blank.

I guess I just need to let you know that yes, I am alive, and yes, the Holidays are bustling. I haven't gone anywhere... but I am spinning in circles.

Looking forward to January... the quiet and calm that follows the wild days of December.

I hope that you are enjoying the whirling dervish of life right now.... it's fun to spin for a while.

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