Monday, November 30, 2009

We flew away for a bit.....

Thanksgiving beckoned and we went.... to see our kids (or one half of the set) for a week. Since our kids are on both coasts, it's always a joy to walk on the beach and enjoy the sounds, smells, and textures of the coastline. This time we went East and had a chance to walk the beach one late afternoon.

What a joy it is to spend the holiday with your children. It lifts the spirits to see them as adults, loving their lives, in love with each other, and celebrating each day - no matter what comes. I am so grateful for the small pleasures of just 'hanging out' with them. Honestly, it was one of my all time favorite vacations with the kids (but then, any time spent with them is good time).

I will be catching up around here, and celebrating the season with friends and more family. I do hope to pop in much more often, but I can already guarantee that there will be little art work this month. It doesn't look like the studio will be used very much. But, I will share photos of my adventures on the East Coast, and the season that is upon us.

Until next time......

Lift off on a late afternoon


I hope that you are 'soaring' today.... if not... have a nice lift off (you have to start somewhere).

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