Monday, November 2, 2009

Waiting for inspiration....

Hmmmm..... my canvas is blank... wondering when the inspiration will come. I feel like a writer with 'writer's block'. There are many distractions all around me, which might account for some of the 'blank', but nothing really major going on.

My studio is filled with cards, etc, and framed paintings.... awaiting a show in mid-November and a Sale this weekend, at a local church. So, I am taking a breather, and waiting for inspiration to come.

Our great snow drift of Thursday.... melted away to green grass by Sunday. My sweet hubby even mowed the lawn (actually.... the leaves... to avoid raking!). My son commented on the last post.... saying that he would gladly trade the endless heat of Florida for some Winter snow. We are lucky to have our seasons change so frequently (we can have Winter in Summer... and Summer in Winter..... ) but we can count on the Sunshine to be there just when we start getting grumpy. It's crazy but it's Colorado. Wish you were here Greg! Jess too!!

Empty work table - empty brain.... awaiting inspiration

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