Thursday, November 12, 2009

Memories of summer - Pink

a photo collage of summer plants in pink

This past weekend, my "Friday" art group had a sale at a local church. We didn't sell a lot, but the atmosphere was fun and I gleaned a lot of ideas from my fellow artists. Each person brought their own unique style to the show. Some created stationary from their art work, others shared their original pieces.... There were music boxes with art placed in them and among the cards, some that had photos of the artist's garden.

I take many photos for my work. These are used for color samples.... details after the plant has died.... pretty much source material for painting. However, sometimes I actually get some good shots of flowers... and over time I notice that there are favorites that are not deleted from my gallery of photos. This week, I decided to take a few of these favorite photos and make some cards from them. I will use them for fun.... but hopefully, I can sell some on line. I am avoiding this as you can see (there is no link to my Etsy site, yet).

I thought you might enjoy a collage of my pink plants. I plan to do more of the other colors in my rainbow. A pleasant reminder of last summer. Hope you enjoy this plethora of pink!

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