Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Falling Leaves

The leaves are all on the ground.... well, most of them. There are a few stragglers, hanging out in the trees, but after two major snowstorms in the last month.... the 'hanger's on" are few and far between.

What we do have is a huge pile of leaves to rake and bag this weekend. Did any of you love to rake the leaves as kids? I remember making a framework of a house and designing rooms out of the leaves (that were suppose to be raked...but were enjoyed before they were burned....remember when we used to burn the leaves??). Of course, without the kids around, we are pretty systematic about raking now. We mow the grass.... mulching as much as possible, and then we just bag as many of the 'leftovers' as possible... while hoping a huge wind will gently persuade the rest to fly away to a far away yard.

So, here is my watercolor... to remind us all to play in the leaves.... build big piles....make a house.... do what ever is fun to do with leaves... before you bag them up and leave your yard empty for the winter season. And... if you don't have a yard.... go take a walk and at least feel the crunch beneath your feet. And.... those of you who live in areas where the leaves don't drop, take a flight of imagination... or remember the days when you played in the leaves.

"Falling leaves"
Watercolor and colored pencil

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