Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Collage of Yellows

A collage of yellow flowers

This week has officially started the holiday season for me. I prepared for a local Art show which will be hung tomorrow and stay until March. I have volunteered for years to do the calligraphy for our local Hospice Tree of Remembrance ( a local holiday tradition that keeps the memory of those who are not with us....as ribbons on trees at our local Mall). Now, I have two other people helping me do the calligraphy, but I completed 111 ribbons this past weekend.

We write a holiday poem.... still needs to be done... and then the Holiday Cards to send. There is much to do... but it will all get done, slowly but surely.

There's Thanksgiving coming up and we plan to celebrate with our son this year. So, the holidays are starting.... gearing up for fun, family, friends and some volunteering thrown in for good measure.

I love this time of year, but days get away from me... and sometimes weeks. So, bear with me...enjoy the bright yellows that are so indicative of the Fall season. Celebrate with thanks for all that you have. Sometimes it isn't much, but the enjoyment of what really matters, usually doesn't a lot. I am so grateful for so much... so I plan to celebrate that this year.

I think my posts will be sporadic, but I will pop in as often as I can... I am grateful for my blog followers.

Let the season begin.....

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