Monday, November 30, 2009

We flew away for a bit.....

Thanksgiving beckoned and we went.... to see our kids (or one half of the set) for a week. Since our kids are on both coasts, it's always a joy to walk on the beach and enjoy the sounds, smells, and textures of the coastline. This time we went East and had a chance to walk the beach one late afternoon.

What a joy it is to spend the holiday with your children. It lifts the spirits to see them as adults, loving their lives, in love with each other, and celebrating each day - no matter what comes. I am so grateful for the small pleasures of just 'hanging out' with them. Honestly, it was one of my all time favorite vacations with the kids (but then, any time spent with them is good time).

I will be catching up around here, and celebrating the season with friends and more family. I do hope to pop in much more often, but I can already guarantee that there will be little art work this month. It doesn't look like the studio will be used very much. But, I will share photos of my adventures on the East Coast, and the season that is upon us.

Until next time......

Lift off on a late afternoon


I hope that you are 'soaring' today.... if not... have a nice lift off (you have to start somewhere).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Collage of Yellows

A collage of yellow flowers

This week has officially started the holiday season for me. I prepared for a local Art show which will be hung tomorrow and stay until March. I have volunteered for years to do the calligraphy for our local Hospice Tree of Remembrance ( a local holiday tradition that keeps the memory of those who are not with ribbons on trees at our local Mall). Now, I have two other people helping me do the calligraphy, but I completed 111 ribbons this past weekend.

We write a holiday poem.... still needs to be done... and then the Holiday Cards to send. There is much to do... but it will all get done, slowly but surely.

There's Thanksgiving coming up and we plan to celebrate with our son this year. So, the holidays are starting.... gearing up for fun, family, friends and some volunteering thrown in for good measure.

I love this time of year, but days get away from me... and sometimes weeks. So, bear with me...enjoy the bright yellows that are so indicative of the Fall season. Celebrate with thanks for all that you have. Sometimes it isn't much, but the enjoyment of what really matters, usually doesn't a lot. I am so grateful for so much... so I plan to celebrate that this year.

I think my posts will be sporadic, but I will pop in as often as I can... I am grateful for my blog followers.

Let the season begin.....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Memories of summer - Pink

a photo collage of summer plants in pink

This past weekend, my "Friday" art group had a sale at a local church. We didn't sell a lot, but the atmosphere was fun and I gleaned a lot of ideas from my fellow artists. Each person brought their own unique style to the show. Some created stationary from their art work, others shared their original pieces.... There were music boxes with art placed in them and among the cards, some that had photos of the artist's garden.

I take many photos for my work. These are used for color samples.... details after the plant has died.... pretty much source material for painting. However, sometimes I actually get some good shots of flowers... and over time I notice that there are favorites that are not deleted from my gallery of photos. This week, I decided to take a few of these favorite photos and make some cards from them. I will use them for fun.... but hopefully, I can sell some on line. I am avoiding this as you can see (there is no link to my Etsy site, yet).

I thought you might enjoy a collage of my pink plants. I plan to do more of the other colors in my rainbow. A pleasant reminder of last summer. Hope you enjoy this plethora of pink!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

I have no photos today.... just an acknowledgement of "Thank You" to all of our Veterans out there. Today seems harder than most Veterans Days. With Ft. Hood, we are reminded of the vulnerability of our soldiers... and with the war in Afghanistan and Iraq on an endless continuum, it is discouraging. I am so grateful for each and every person who is trying to protect us on a daily basis.... but I guess I want them all home.... safe and sound.....

So, today, I will put down my paint brush and ponder. I will pray for each person who has helped our Country, in what ever way they could. I will be grateful for our Armed Forces, but also for the peacemakers. For it is in peace that we will find our greatest joys.

Blessings to you today.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting ready for a Sale....

One of the members of my art group belongs to a church that is trying to repair their original stain glassed windows, which have fallen into disrepair. The windows are beautiful..... but the cost to repair them is great (really great!!). So the church is having a "Arts & Crafts Bazaar" this weekend. My art group is participating.

We are gathering cards, and art work to show and hopefully sell. The church will get a percentage that will go towards repairing the Stained Glass Windows. I love a "Win-Win" situation...... every time, don't you?

I brought my french table in from the outside,
and set it up for guests to the studio.
I will just grab this stuff and take it to the sale.

Most likely, I won't post tomorrow.... but I will be back on Monday. Have a great weekend. It's going to be 70 degrees in Colorado... so I am going to try to get out and enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Falling Leaves

The leaves are all on the ground.... well, most of them. There are a few stragglers, hanging out in the trees, but after two major snowstorms in the last month.... the 'hanger's on" are few and far between.

What we do have is a huge pile of leaves to rake and bag this weekend. Did any of you love to rake the leaves as kids? I remember making a framework of a house and designing rooms out of the leaves (that were suppose to be raked...but were enjoyed before they were burned....remember when we used to burn the leaves??). Of course, without the kids around, we are pretty systematic about raking now. We mow the grass.... mulching as much as possible, and then we just bag as many of the 'leftovers' as possible... while hoping a huge wind will gently persuade the rest to fly away to a far away yard.

So, here is my watercolor... to remind us all to play in the leaves.... build big piles....make a house.... do what ever is fun to do with leaves... before you bag them up and leave your yard empty for the winter season. And... if you don't have a yard.... go take a walk and at least feel the crunch beneath your feet. And.... those of you who live in areas where the leaves don't drop, take a flight of imagination... or remember the days when you played in the leaves.

"Falling leaves"
Watercolor and colored pencil

Monday, November 2, 2009

Waiting for inspiration....

Hmmmm..... my canvas is blank... wondering when the inspiration will come. I feel like a writer with 'writer's block'. There are many distractions all around me, which might account for some of the 'blank', but nothing really major going on.

My studio is filled with cards, etc, and framed paintings.... awaiting a show in mid-November and a Sale this weekend, at a local church. So, I am taking a breather, and waiting for inspiration to come.

Our great snow drift of Thursday.... melted away to green grass by Sunday. My sweet hubby even mowed the lawn (actually.... the leaves... to avoid raking!). My son commented on the last post.... saying that he would gladly trade the endless heat of Florida for some Winter snow. We are lucky to have our seasons change so frequently (we can have Winter in Summer... and Summer in Winter..... ) but we can count on the Sunshine to be there just when we start getting grumpy. It's crazy but it's Colorado. Wish you were here Greg! Jess too!!

Empty work table - empty brain.... awaiting inspiration