Thursday, October 22, 2009

A wrinkled wreck....

I have had this tucked away for quite a while..... painted on the WRONG paper, and you can see the result. I used a Bristol paper... which is great for graphite, colored pencil, or very dry brush.... but not a lot of water. However, I am taking this and playing with my colored pencils, over the top.... think it will be fun.... even if it stays in my 'backpack of work" (a nicer name for the recycle bin!).

I will share the work when it's done.... just for laughs....

Amaryllis doubled

It's crisp and cool today.... leaves everywhere.... We didn't get as much snow as Denver (well, none...just rained all day). The weather is certainly unique and typically, Colorado-ish. You never know what you are going to get.... how long it will last.... or what will happen tomorrow. Today, I am grateful for the sun. I call it "Happiness in the sky".

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