Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wish you were here....

Well the weather roared in yesterday and it snowed all day.... sort of heavy and wet, but lots of good moisture. I have given up on Fall....though I grabbed a few leaves along the way to paint. It looks like it's Winter art from now on (or as my sweet hubby likes to say " painting the dead stuff").

Looking out our front window,
the trees are overloaded.
They were not prepared for this....

My Geraniums were thrilled to be inside
looking out on the rest of the back yard.
It was truly a blizzard.

Here is the snow as it was falling yesterday.....

Here is the snow this morning,
heavy and wet.
I wonder where the squirrels went.
No doubt, they are missing their backyard playground

Stay warm today, if you are in Colorado.... and if not, I hope that your day is a sunny, warm, and delightful one.


Gregory D. Rothbard said...

I wish I was there.
Here is 90 degrees,
center of Florida,
no sea breeze,
stifling like a small town,
itchy like a wool sweater,
sweating pools of water,
hoping for snow.

Gregorio Roth said...

Wish I was in chilly air there,
Wish the weather would change around here,
Record Heat
Stifling like a small towns gossip;
Sweaty like the back of a hairy ape's back,
Itchy like a wool sweater,
You must be kidding me, 90 degrees in the shade.
Wish I was in the chilly air there.