Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank You for following this blog!

One thing I know for sure..... I am NOT a technical type of person, so writing for this blog and popping photos onto it, is a major stretch for me. I just want to take this time to thank those of you who are "Followers" of this blog. I am challenged technically.... so thanking you individually, seems to stump me. However, I do appreciate the fact that I bring some joy and color into your lives occasionally. It's just nice to know that you are enjoying my work and my blog.

Thanks too, to the rest of you who pop in from time to time. It's a treat, and I do hear back from you regarding work and things that you have enjoyed reading about. If I can share a bit of the art world every day.... or a bit of travel, from time to time.... then I am achieving the purpose that I set out with..... getting art and art appreciation out into the universe.

Turks Turban

Okay... today, I will share something that is sort of finished..... but sitting on the easel for the "walk away" phase of my art. I take a breather from it for a bit and then come back to it...and usually find that there are things that need doing. This one is sitting ..... waiting.....
Tell me what it needs....

(Snow is coming tonight.... so glad that we had that beautiful two days this weekend )

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