Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Next piece on the drawing table...

Several years ago, I did a watercolor of a Turks turban. That was before I started my classes....so I am attempting it again... to see if there is much improvement. It took me forever to complete the first one and this one is going quite quickly. I will show more work at the end of the week and when complete, I will share a side by side of the two works. (well, if I am brave enough).

The sun is finally out today..... cool and crisp, but sunny. Friends are heading to Maui and I am happy for them. I feel the need to be warm again..... just don't like the cold anymore. Hey, and it's not even 'cold' yet..... just nice and cool. Okay.... well, on with your day.... blessings.

Turks Turban....ready and ripe for a watercolor

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