Sunday, October 4, 2009

Garden Bounty

I do not usually do a Sunday post, but we did work in the garden all morning...... and it never quite got to 50 degrees (it was stuck at a dampish 48). I don't want to go back out in the cold, and the game is on this afternoon (don't ask me which one.... I don't enjoy football, for some strange reason), so I thought that I would show you the painting I worked on this week...... "Bounty from my Garden". (okay, that could be the world's longest sentence!!)

It was such a treat to pick so many different kinds of gourds, pumpkins ....Curcubita's a plenty. I will show you photos of just how much we grew from a few packets of seeds. It was downright fun. I will share those tomorrow.

So, I do hope that you are warm, safe and relatively happy today, where ever you are. I have been thinking about Sumatra....Samoa.... and Atlanta, as they all pick up the pieces and try to recover from Nature's surprises. They are in my prayers today.

Enjoy my 'bounty'.....

"Bounty from the Garden"

itty bitty pumpkins in a variety of colors
From our very own garden!

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