Monday, October 5, 2009

The Bounty of the Garden

Our garden provides us with great pleasure all summer long. I seem to stretch it out as long as I can..... from the first crocus in early the last Mum in the Fall, I treasure each and every flower ....or gourd....or pumpkin.....

Last week, we cleaned out the garden and lo and behold.... there were all of these gourds and pumpkins just tucked away under the grand leaves that shelter them. Mr. Snake has moved to warmer turf, so he respectfully, let me loose in his garden. I will, no doubt, see him again next Spring. I do not think he ever gets used to my blood curdling screams... when he says "hello"...but he is quite patient, as he keeps coming back, year after year.

So, the house is now decorated with many colors of gourds and shades from deepest green to the palest white. I love each and every one. Even Dear Hubby delighted in the chaos to his garden... and concluded that we should most definitely "do this again" next year.

So enjoy.... I will be back with some work later in the week.

Everything came from the garden
except the corn..... I feel like a proud Farmer.

Yes, the two large greenish pumpkins
are Mr. Snakes, pride & joy

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