Monday, October 19, 2009

Beautiful Weekend!!! Beautiful!!!

Oh, the weather outside was delightful..... and not at all frightful.... so I couldn't bring myself inside all weekend. I worked like crazy last week.... but when the weather cleared and the sun came out, I made the best of it. We had a beautiful weekend here.... GLORIOUS!! It had been a while since we had warmth.... seriously, a week ago, it was in the 20's for two days.... and not really warm for the rest of the week. I must admit, I sound a bit bonkers.... but there is nothing like a beautiful day to shake the doldrums and cheer you immensely.

So, last week, I was busy with framing, drawing, painting and prepping for an upcoming show. Then I got quite busy with some more work, so I am on a bit of a roll (and I am going with it, until I hibernate for the Winter).

I am working on a pine cone.... in colored pencil....

Hopefully, when finished,
I will make Winter cards with this.....

I know that the bad weather has moved eastward, so, just know that there is a spot of really nice stuff coming your way. Also, we are expecting more cold and icky stuff by the end of the week....

Oh, well.... it was fun while it lasted!

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