Thursday, September 17, 2009

Watercolor Sunflower....

I have been working on this sunflower for several weeks. It's not as dynamic as the colored pencil sunflower that I completed several weeks ago.... but it's got it's own flavor. It is still unfinished.... needs a strong dose of 'orange' and details galore. But, I will have class all day tomorrow, and no doubt, I will get a critique on what needs doing. I look forward to finishing this and then completing some other work that needs doing. I plan to make some cards of this one... and hopefully set up an Etsy site (check out ETSY.... great site for all things creative...for sale!!). So, I must do some 'business' today.... host book club tonight..... and get ready for class a Student show at the DBG (Denver Botanic Gardens) that starts next week and goes to the end of October. If you are in the area, it's fun to stop by and see the wonderful artists that are students there. Have a great weekend.

Sunflower in watercolor

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