Thursday, September 3, 2009

tracing paper sketches.....Step one

I am getting ready to take a 'sunflower' class at the DBG (Denver Botanic Gardens) and I have been sketching like mad on tracing vellum, so that I can have something ready for class. My sunflower is from the store... and it is quickly succumbing to age... but I have taken some photos and have been making preliminary sketches on the pad below. It is good for me to throw this on to the computer.... now I know exactly where I need to go to 'fine tune' the sketches.

I just felt like sharing the process with you. It starts here, with a live plant.... lots of sketching.... creating a cartoon (if you look closely you will see the pen outline for the cartoon) and a value study. When I am pleased with this stage.... I will transfer it to watercolor paper and start my painting.

Lots of work to do on this one...
but the basics are there.

I like this one a bit better....
I see where I can add and subtract

I will have class tomorrow, so there will not be an opportunity to blog. I hope that you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, with good weather, good food, and some relaxation!

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paige said...

i'm so glad you stopped by the blog..i LOVE your artwork. the sunflowers are amazing. the nest is so gorgeous too!!
what talent!!!