Monday, September 14, 2009

A Rainy Saturday

We spent Saturday, in the rain, touring gardens.....gardens that are tended and loved by those who write, speak, and earn a part (or most) of their living with their gardens. There were a few exceptions, but these were the leaders in our community... and it was a gift to be able to enter their garden spaces and see what and how they do it.

Of course, I had my favorite..... a professional Horticulturalist.... whose garden was also a design dream. His creativity and sensitivity to his garden space was amazing. There were at least five spaces within his 1/8th acre to sit, ponder, reflect, or party (Seriously, if Denver didn't have Winter, you could live out there!!). I wanted to move in.... was that wonderful. It was an 'eleven' on a scale of one to ten. That is not to say, that the rest of the gardens weren't a 'ten' out of ten..... they were. There was something for everyone - and it was a pleasure packed.....if cool and rainy..... day,.

Okay.... so enough of my babble..... I plan to show some photos this week, of the gardens and their delights. I hope that you enjoy them as well.

Here we go....
first garden..... huge; a "jolly jungle";
self- maintaining, perennial garden.

Creatively placed gourds and pumpkins.... loved this!

A 'composite' flower....loved the yellows.
(of course I did.... I am in my yellow phase!!)

A happy part of the garden!

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