Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Productive Day in the studio

This is a colored pencil drawing on a sheet of Mylar...
A whole new experiencefor me!

I am working a lot on this drawing, because the flowers are fading fast... and my studio is starting to smell a bit like dead flowers.... not pretty. However, I decided to try something new and play with my colored pencils on Mylar. Wow.... do I love this .... it's just so much fun and it's going down pretty quickly. Not to worry, I plan to do the watercolor for class.... but this way, I have the color & shading, pretty well in hand, before I start painting.

When I checked the initial drawing, the ellipse was off but just by a bit... so that has been reworked and I am off and running. I will show you more, as this project unfolds.

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