Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Now for the back yard....

So, here is the rest of my garden photos......with a shot of the back yard. Back in December, this was all white.... totally blank.... but this September, it is awash in color. I must remember this and hold it in my heart.... which will get me through the 'blankness' of Winter.

Impatiens..... truly the beauties of the back yard

Nasturtiums are sweet hubby's favorite
He is the Master Gardener

Black eye Susan's fill the yard....

Even the Hydrangea's are growing this year
(that is big news in Colorado)

A 'P.S"..... the color of the last photo is much more golden than usual. Believe it or not, we are getting the haze from California fires and it changes the light completely. Say a prayer for the people of California, and the firemen fighting those fires.

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