Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last flowers from the garden show...

Today, it is cold, rainy, and windy. The flowers are shuddering and wondering when summer will return. We took a quick trip up to Cody, Wyoming this weekend.... just to get away. It was actually HOT up there on Saturday, but quite chilly on Sunday. We went to the wonderful museum there. The Western artwork was amazing...and the rest of the museum....from gun collections, to Indian artifacts and culture... to Wild Bill Cody (hence the name of the town) was fascinating. I hope to post some photos of the trip....but need to download (or is that upload) them from the camera. So, enjoy these last photos of summer days....

I am bringing the pumpkins and gourds in tonight.... I am afraid of a freeze.

Also, to our friends in Atlanta and the South East.... please stay safe from the rain and bad weather. I know that you have had a drought... but probably you didn't want this much rain to fall all at one time. Be safe.... you are in our thoughts.

"Datura" which Georgia O'Keeffe made famous.

Poker " flowers...in amazing shades

A beautiful "tiger lily"
growing in September!

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