Thursday, September 10, 2009

Horray.... I finished!!!

(colored pencil on Mylar)

Well, I finished the sunflower in time for class..... don't look too closely... still pretty rough, but it will be fine for color/shading example. I do plan to go back and finish up some of the detail and then try to frame this one. Of course, I hope the water color turns out, so that I can make some cards, etc. from it. I may also do that with the nest.... which I will complete in the next few weeks.

So.... class tomorrow.... more adventures of the Sunflowers. I just love them.... have enjoyed this thoroughly.... as the days cool down and Fall peeks around the corner. Can you feel it in the air? I love this time of year.... just not what is coming up.... brrrrr.... not at all ready for Winter.

Also, I will take photos of what is in my garden.... can't wait to show you what is 'peek a Boo-ing' under giant leaves.

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