Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Front Garden.....or the Jolly Jungle!

Well, the garden is better than it's ever been. With all of the moisture this summer, we are not suffering the normal drying up of the garden. Usually, by this time, things are fairly brown, and flowers are losing their 'spunk'. This year, we are experiencing a "Jolly Jungle" of plants. The Baby's Breath is still blooming!! The Black eye Susan's are wild and taking over. In the back yard (to be shared tomorrow), the pumpkins are overtaking the garden (well, they are 'duking it out' with the Black eyed Susan's). I planted 'boo' pumpkins an a white pumpkin. I haven't actually checked on how many are growing, as our rather large resident 'garter' snake is snoozing in there somewhere, and I have a tendency to SCREAM when I cross his path. We respect each other's privacy and I give him a wide berth. So, enjoy my garden. I will share the back yard with you tomorrow.

Nasturtiums, Baby's Breath, and Black Eyed Susans
share the garden with less aggressive plants.

Wild grasses and marigolds share are on the side of the house
Along with Morning Glories staked in the corner to keep them under control.

A close up of the fountain and plants

A low and quiet place to sit (kids love it, as it's just their size)
This stoop brings one down to the level of the garden....
Odd, but we love it.

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