Thursday, September 24, 2009

Done, done, done...... no more touch ups....I hope

I think I am done with this bird's nest..... the Robins have grown and gone.... it has taken so long. Since this one is a commission, I just need to pass inspection from the buyer... and then if all is well, it is off to a new home. This is a mixed media... of watercolor, watercolor pencil and colored pencil. The last layer is watercolor.... which brought up some color.

Honestly, a 'detail person' can get quite lost with this kind of painting.... I could just never figure out quite where to stop. However, I think it is as complete as I can make it without stepping over the fine line to 'over doing'.

Tomorrow..... the sunflower.... also completed. Whew... two in one week. I am ready for some pumpkins to paint. Also, I am working on cards.... so that if you are interested in having a small piece of work to frame... these might be of interest to you. I will keep you posted.

Robin's nest

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