Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Colorful Gardening...

Here are a few more photos from the garden tour that we went to. This was my favorite....with colorful plants in beautiful pots, to decorating balls matching the the colors of the plant's leaves. Great gardening is not always just plants... but coordinating just the right plant with it's pot....or place in the garden; Creating areas for lounging.... or work.... or entertaining. This "Master Gardener" did just that.

I loved this Fuchsia, popping against the blue pot

There were so many pots in the garden with plants in them that would not survive the winter. I can only imagine the work entailed, to bring these indoors, and the space needed to shelter them.
I absolutely loved this colorful combination.

And just when you think you have had enough of the color,
A serene spot with waterlilies and gold fish calm the soul.

A perfect garden, in my book!

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