Monday, August 17, 2009

Patmos & St. John

There is so much history, mythology and religion in the Greek islands. Patmos brings religion to the forefront on this tiny island. Don't get me wrong, it is a top tourist destination and the summers provide lots of opportunities to party. However, the history behind the island is said to be from 95 A.D., when St. John the Divine was banished to Patmos from Ephesus (our next visit). While residing in a cave on the island (which we visited) St. John wrote the "Book of Revelations". There is now a Monastery to honor St. John on the island, which sits high atop the town, and is quite beautiful.

A traditional cafe with it's bright yellow & blue chairs,
reveals that the island is more than an island of religious pilgrimage.

To our great surprise, who should dock right next to us....
Eric Clapton and family on a summer jaunt.
All of us on the boat were giddy & thrilled to have a
rock star "next door". By the morning, he had moved on
to another island, and we made our pilgrimage to the Monastery

Here is a view of the beautiful Patmos from our boat.

After visiting the Cave of St. John,
we drove up the mountain to the Monastery;
It had a beautiful overlook of the Aegean,
and with some cooler temperatures,
it proved to be a lovely morning.

Many local citizens volunteer many hours
in the service of the church.
Quite often, the Priest is available to the citizens as well.
The day we visited was a Saints Day';
one of the many religious Days in the Greek Orthodox faith.
Many Priests are also married.

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