Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Onward to Turkey.....Ephesus

Because of high winds (a common occurrence in the summer months on the Aegean Sea) we had to makes some last minute changes and stops. I will not highlight them, but just move on to Turkey. where we disembarked the ship at the port in Kusadasi. The ship provided a great way to see the islands and the small ship allowed us to get into ports that large ships could not manage. We loved the crew and the ease of leaving our belongings in one place for a week.... along with 'cruise dining' an experience that allowed us to never lose an ounce.... as we climbed over towns and ruins along the way. But, alas, it was time to depart.... so we headed into port in Turkey (Kusadasi) and headed to Ephesus on a bus.

Ephesus is considered to be the best-preserved and most extensive classical Greco-Roman city in the entire world. Aside from the extreme heat and terrible crowds, it is quite a marvel. The sophistication of the infrastructure is a bit 'mind boggling".... a sort of "How did they do that?" experience..... Or... How is this still standing???

Pipes provided water flow through out the city.
Remember, this is around 200 B.C.

The "main drag" is called the Harbour (Arcadian) street.
It initially lead down to a harbor, as Ephesus was born on a Bay

Greco-Roman tiles remain today!
I guess that the reality of this is that America is very young.
You realize that our history is but a hiccup
when you visit these historic ruins.

Would you believe..... the Library (of Celsus)??
Yes (though the brothel was across the street)
Literature and studies were at the core of Ephesus
(built in 195 A.D.)

The Theatre
It is difficult, from this photo, to realize the size of this stadium,
down the street from the library. It once held
25,000 spectators (22 flights of stairs!!)

About 10 kms from Ephesus, we visited the tomb of the evangelist, St. John and the site of the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World. We managed all this before lunch..... tomorrow....a delightful afternoon, before heading to Istanbul.

Thanks for your patience with this 'tour' of Greece. Again, I know that this is a botanical blog, but family and friends want to see these photos and get a quick re-cap. I do need to put some photos on that relate to business, so there may be a quick blip, before I finish up my tour.


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