Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On to the Boat - first stop... Syros

Our small ship had 50 of us on board and the crew.
It was a perfect size to visit the islands,
and we could pop into any port without much fuss.
It made for a lot of fun....and the crew was amazing!!

Our first port was Syros, largest city and Capital of the Cyclades.
The cycladic islands are a cluster of archetypal Greek islands
that are closely situated to each other.
Many of the island are tourist destinations,
but others are more understated, providing
history, commerce, farming/fishing or a combination of these.
Each island was unique.

A quiet street in the shopping district of Syros.
This island had great shopping!
It also had a wonderful church, containing a painting of 'El Greco",
a famous Greek painter,
who is better know for the body of work that he painted in Spain.

A view from the City Center..... looking out onto the Aegean Sea

A last view from the city center,
before heading back to the boat and on to Delos...

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