Friday, August 21, 2009

Last stop.....Istanbul, Turkey

Since we spent a very short time in Istanbul, but packed a lot in to that short period of time, I am going to try to load all the photos today, and go through the entire city, all at once. After Greece, Istanbul was a shock to our system. There are so many people in the city, which, in contrast to Greece, proved to be more lush and green..... lots of lawns, gardens... a different kind of beauty. However, there were also a lot of people selling goods on the street, crowding the palaces, Mosques, and other tourists spots. To me, with all the traffic, and noise of the city, it felt a bit overwhelming.

We started in the Spice Bazaar, which I did love. Since it was early in the morning, the shops were just opening, and the crowds were small. This small Bazaar (we also went to the Grand the afternoon) was filled with spices of every variety...... candies that are Greek & Turkish treats...... coffee..... and beautiful goods of every variety. I fell in love with the scents in the I took in the 'goodies', which were beautifully shown in front of each booth.

Put into perspective..... the Spice trade has been
a part of Turkish culture for centuries.
Think: America in 1597?

Saffron, Curry of every type, nuts, dates.....
i\It was endless... and the smells were delicious!

Turkish Delight of every variety,
along with dates, pistachios,
and more..... again.... endless delights

And a sense of humor, regarding the
genuine - fake "Rolex"

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