Friday, August 21, 2009

Haghia Sophia Basilica

The Basilica is the third church to stand on this ground, and was completed in 537 A.D. It was a Greek Orthodox Cathedral through out the Byzantine era...but after the Ottoman Conquest of Constantinople in 1453, it became a Mosque. It continued to serve as a Mosque until 1932, when it was closed and converted into a museum, which opened two years later. The architecture is truly a masterpiece.
The Exterior of the Haghia Sophia

Restoration is ever present and on going
through out the city. The crowds continued
to increase as we visited the highlight tourist
attractions of Istanbul

Looking up at the domes which are mosaics.
Calligraphy (Golden Arabic Script)
plaques hang through out
the Museum/Basilica/Mosque.

Eventually the mosaics and
iconic painting of Jesus Christ
was uncovered for viewing.

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