Friday, August 7, 2009

Flowers & Fruits of Greece

Since this is a botanical blog..... I thought you might enjoy a break between stops on the tour and see some of the familiar and unfamiliar flowers, fruits and "wild plants" of Greece.

These grapevines were hanging in a courtyard of a restaurant.
They provided shade, yet were lush and full of fruit.

Bougainvilleas bloom everywhere, tucked into
nooks and crannies along the pathways

This bougainvillea was just climbing up the side of a building,
bursting with color at the top.

Geraniums seem to find a niche anywhere in the world.
These were growing wild along a drain.

Could this be a thistle... or an artichoke.
I opted for artichoke....growing wild along a
little used Mountain road that we took.
I LOVE wild things.....all dried out and oh so interesting....

Enjoy Your weekend - I will continue to catch up and be back on Monday with more of Greece.

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