Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Down the road from Ephesus

After we saw Ephesus, we made a stop down the road at the tomb of St. John. It was, again, amazingly, preserved. There was also a baptistery there that I wanted to share. Then we climbed aboard the bus for a lovely ride to the Turkish rug factory. There, we enjoyed a lovely lunch in the meadow, under the trees. It was the first 'grass' that we had seen on our trip, and the breeze, wonderful food, and friendly atmosphere were a treat for all. After lunch, we toured the rug factory, watched the famous Turkish rugs, being woven by artisans and learned about the process. In the late afternoon we drove to the airport and hopped a jet to Istanbul. It proved to be a dramatic difference between the relative quiet of ruins to a city of 11 million!!

Part of the ruins of the tomb of St. John

The Baptistery of the ruins

Lunch at long tables on green grass and a lovely breeze.
The food was delicious.... as we took a long break.

Artisans weaving the Turkish rugs on the patio.

Tomorrow.... the spice Bazaar (another highlight of the trip)

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